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Handy tool produced by the SSA of USA to calculate a contributor's benefits
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SSA Benefit Calculator is a handy tool developed by the Social Security Administration of the United States of America to help contributors to calculate, or better said estimate, their social benefits. As obvious as it may sound, this tool is only useful for people who have a social security number. This number is the key that identifies a contributor for the Social Security Administration.
This tool is pretty easy to use but it uses some technical vocabulary though, which could be hard to get for a regular contributor. Taking into account the great amount of Spanish-speakers workers living in the United States, the SSA has developed this tool in both languages. Needless to say, this application is available free of charge at the SSA web site. If you don’t own a computer of prefer not to download and install this tool you don’t have to. The SSA also provides an online calculator which works pretty much the same.
The first step to start calculating your benefits is to fill in the Worker Information form. In this form you will provide basic information such as: full name, social security number, date of birth, gender, and type of benefit, among others. Once you have completed the form you can obtain your first estimate from the Calculate Estimate option under the File menu.
To fine tune your estimates you can check some additional parameters like: projected benefit increases, computation year, historical amounts, and average wage increases, among others.

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  • It's available free of charge
  • It's available both in English and Spanish
  • It allows contributors to automatically estimate their benefits


  • Some of the information required could be hard to get for a regular contributor
  • Some vocabulary used could be hard to understand for a regular contributor
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